It may be that you are seeking individual assistance

or that you wish to influence a team or a group or that you would like to communicate to a broader, wider audience. Within the scope of my skills there will be a solution to meet your needs.

My work covers a number of disciplines coaching, facilitating, speaking and writing.

I understand that each request requires individual assessment and that these requests, have to be matched with the appropriate tools and methodology. Through experience and study I have gained a vast and interesting toolbox from which to draw on.

My approach is practical, easy to understand and simple to execute. I believe strongly in measuring results, benchmarking beginnings and points of departure. I am confident in my ability to conduct accurate assessments and to recommend the appropriate course of actions thereafter.

My work is suitable for any age group and gender, we are never too old to learn, neither too young to acknowledge and apply real wisdom. I work with particularly emphasis on establishing a relationship and empathy, with everyone that comes to me for guidance.

Most of all, I acknowledge the humanness that we all are, which requires of me to be sensitive and intuitive, to the great potentials, that come before me.

As a result, I need to be open and responsive to each individual, as I journey with them, along a path of growth and development, of enlightenment and self fulfilment.

Let me know what I can do for you

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