As individuals, organisations, communities and the world we are continually confronted by challenges. These are problems that limit our potential to grow and develop, regardless of our station or positions in life.

But the human being is remarkably resilient and more than capable of overcoming the problems that face us. We do this when we engage in an intuitive gift which we all have access to – creativity.

Yes, creativity – is by far and away the most important tool we have!

It is when we fail to use it that we find ourselves in trouble; poor decisions, miscommunication, conflict and blame inevitably follow. To compound our problems, many of us either don’t believe we have the capacity to be creative or have ceased using it.

The primary reason for so many people not using their instinctive creative gift is the system of linear thinking that takes place during our years in the education system. The learning methodology we acquire creates a ritual out of the learning process and that results in a programmed way of thinking – a linearity of thinking. Just as technology is hardwired into functioning in a specific way, we become programmed in our thinking behaviour too. This of course is contrary to the natural way the human brain is designed – which is organic, spontaneous and random.

Another factor is the complete misunderstanding of ‘creativity’ generally. Most people think creativity is art! And fail to associate themselves to some wandering expressionism, many believing creativity as the domain of peculiar groups of people. This is inaccurate as well.

The net effect of this ignorance is that far too few people are engaged in the challenge of solving the problems confronting themselves, their businesses and organisations, and importantly the broader community, believing they are somehow, not capable or it is out of their skill set.

This is simply not case. Everyone is born with intuitive creative genius and it can be accessed or recovered. All it requires is willingness and an open mind.

The Genius Programme was formulated to help anyone and everyone recover and restore this unique gift – such that they can feel fully empowered to engage not only in the development of their own lives but also of the lives around them.

How the Genius Programme works.

The Genius Programme is a practical and engaging 3 part workbook.

Part 1 is designed to help the participant identify, acknowledge and remove those thinking habits that are no longer contributing to positive development in their lives.

Part 2 guides the participant into practicing liberating thinking tools that re-ignite the intuitive creativity within us, paving the way to restoring genius living.

Part 3 encourages the participants to engage in 8 exercises that reinforce positive actions, with a view to truly embed those new found ideas such that they become consistent behaviours in their lives.


The course is run over a full day – there are assignments that the participants are asked to engage in during the weeks following the course. In addition, if requested, an assessment and feedback process can be added to measure the effectiveness of the changes experienced.

The outcomes.

  • Reinvent yourself, your business and your life.
  • Develop greater awareness of the thinking that is influencing your life.
  • Embark on a period of personal innovation.
  • Recover your creative genius.
  • Free instinctive intuition.
  • Open your infinite potential.
  • Raise and sustain higher levels of consciousness.
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