I have been particularly fortunate and truly blessed –

to have been given the opportunities and experiences that I have enjoyed, on my life journey, so far. And I am really passionate about the subjects I work in.

This combination has inspired me to create short motivational presentations and talks that cover the training and coaching work that I do and the subjects that surround them.

If you would like to motivate and encourage a group – call me – I’ll share a story and ignite belief and imagination.

Some of the talks I have conducted recently:

"Can I really have what I want?" – A half hour talk on how to realise your full potential using – Clarity, Commitment and Completion.

"That’s brilliant – why didn’t I think of it?" – A half hour talk on creative thinking and how to unleash your ideas.

"What if?" – An hour’s talk about possibilities and why we should always be open to consider more options.

"Shifts in thinking that leverage innovation." – A half hour talk on the thinking required for an organisation to enable greater innovation to occur.

"The wisdom of listening and hearing" . – An hour’s talk on the value of learning to listen and learning to hear.

"Creativity is the significant differentiator in business success today - rediscover yours now!” – 1 hour talk on the important role that creativity plays in contemporary successful business – anyhow to rediscover yours.

"Conscious Leadership – the knowing of right and wrong – the being of higher thought.” – 1 hour talk on how to lead – beyond self – beyond the traps of stuck linear delivery.

Customised talks.

Sometimes a client has a particular theme or predetermined agenda – using the subjects that I am passionate about, I can prepare a customised talk around that theme, to suit the client’s needs.

For more details, endorsements, and costs please request further information directly from me: graeme@graemebutchart.co.za

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