Can you remember when you,

and everyone you knew, had a Nokia phone? At one point Nokia held over 70% global market share. Yet, they failed to keep innovating, and more appealing brands captured their customers.

When a product, service or a person, for that matter, fails to meet the needs of their market (their world) – they become irrelevant and they loose market share. The world moves on without them.

Innovation is a creative process that enables us to constantly re-invent and bring new meaning to what we are, what we stand for, where we are going and what we have to offer.

And that’s precisely what coaching aims to achieve, the re-invention of our life, career, business, leadership or spiritual growth. Or, it could be a combination of all.

It begins by creating higher levels of consciousness, which helps us align our actions with the goals we set.

It is not complicated, "we choose our own realities" based on the views, ideas and thoughts of what we perceive our world to be.

What we consciously or unconsciously see our lives to be, is what our lives become, we are that powerful!

In essence...we get, what we think, we should get and we don’t get, what we don’t think, we should get.

By raising our level of consciousness, we are able to become more proactive in what we choose to create in our thinking. If we then become more efficient in our actions, we can better determine and shape the content of that reality.

I have worked with many different individuals, all with varying challenges and I have created tools and protocols that have evolved out of the many discoveries and experiences I have encountered along the way.

Today I am certain and can guarantee that I can help you create the change that you want, and realise the potential that you can be.

Providing you are open minded, are willing, and are prepared to follow these three simple understandings:

  • Clarity – knowing what you want – creating further clarity if required.
  • Commitment – defined by... "How badly do you want it" – "to what length will you go?"
  • Completion – doing what you say you will do, by when you say, you will do it – integrity.
This is the formula to coaching success – if this is followed – miracles happen.

I have developed methods and protocol to address coaching in the following areas:

  1. Life – dealing with life’s many challenges and goals.
  2. Business – refining and developing career direction.
  3. Leadership – developing emotional IQ and other instinctive senses in order to inspire and lead teams and organisations.
  4. Innovation – to access intuitive creativity and apply that to opportunity.
  5. Spiritual – to be on path and recognise our place in a far bigger picture.

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